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It's Just Business w/Ryan OTTO

Feb 1, 2021

Ryan will open your eyes to real entrepreneurship and financial engineering. This episode walks you through overcoming your biggest hurdle (MONEY), which you probably think you need.

Ryan shows you how he's buying companies and commercial property without having to have REAL MONEY. This episode will show you some...

Jan 29, 2021

This episode is dedicated to a dear friend, Sam, who is currently fighting for his life in hospital, on a ventilator, and in an induced coma.

With all of the news, we have accepted covid as normal. People are contagious, people are dying, and people are complaining about wearing masks and washing their hands. Ryan’s...

Jan 27, 2021

Ryan discusses some truths that entrepreneurs will likely relate to.

When entrepreneurs scale, chase the next high of a new deal, a new building, a new acquisition, but don't have the people in place to sweep up the mess behind them (great assistants), problems arise!

This episode will resonate with all the...

Jan 25, 2021

Ryan shares some truths around not controlling your emotions in business, and how you're made to pay for mistakes. A simple conversation with a client got heated, both parties overreacted, and things were said that caused the relationship to break down.

This 5-minute conversation cost Ryan the contract, which ended up...

Jan 24, 2021

In today's episode, Ryan explains how he was left with £175,000 of debt after being freed from prison (for a crime committed by a lifelong friend). This is a real-life comeback underdog story, in which Ryan has turned his life around and cleared all of his debts. He can now hold his head high knowing he doesn't owe a...