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It's Just Business w/Ryan OTTO

Nov 13, 2023

This eposide was originally published in 2020. There's some great insight into buying hotel here that was very popular so its been re released to give you more value.

In this episode, Ryan Otto shares his thoughts, doubts and fears about investing over £250,000 to acquire his 4th Hotel, that's now currently closed and needs a full refurbishment before it can take paying guests.!

Ryan Otto walks you through the good and the bad of doing deals like this, whilst others are leaving the market and closing their doors.

There are opportunities every day if you understand how to find them and what to look for.

But Ryan OTTO understands exactly how and why its the perfect time to enter the hotel industry and go all in! while others are cashing out and leaving the hotel business forever!

The largest transfer of wealth of happening right now.

*Excuse the noise, recorded in the Bentley GTV8S between meetings